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Is taking PrEP a life-time commitment? What if someone who\'s already on PrEP decided to stop taking it? If he/she stops the consumption, can he/she continue taking it after a certain period of time?
Hi. PrEP isn't something that someone has to take for life. Some people will take PrEP just for the period or periods of time that they feel they are at increased risk of HIV infection. They may choose to stop taking PrEP if they feel they aren't at risk, but may start taking PrEP again at a later time. You should always consult your doctor you are seeing for PrEP, about starting and stopping PrEP so they can monitor you and do the appropriate tests. There is also a period of time after someone starts taking PrEP before they will have full protection, so you should also speak to your doctor about that.
Where to import prep from?
Hi. If you are wanting to import PrEP yourself in Australia, you can find out more information here: We are also aware of this website that provides information about several places to order PrEP from. There are currently also, PrEP studies in Queensland, NSW and Victoria that can provide access to PrEP. You can find out more information about these studies are here:
If I been exposed to HIV a few times and the person that exposed it to me had a undetectable viral load what are the chances of me testing positive even tho no ejaculation took place
If a HIV-positive person has an undetectable viral load, it certainly significantly reduces the chances of them passing it on. Ejaculation would increase the risk, but HIV can also be in other bodily fluids like pre-cum and the lining of the arse. You can find out more about what the risk is for different kinds of sex without condoms at: It's important to know your status by testing regularly. You can find out where you can get tested at
met a guy whom he entered my anus without a condom a few time to relax me then had fullom intercorse with a condom
Great to hear you used condoms for most of the intercourse, but HIV is still present in pre-cum (the fluid that comes out of his cock before he ejaculates). Like cum, pre-cum can also enter your bloodstream through your arse, if he's positive. HIV is also present in the mucus that lines the bottom's arse and it can enter the top's bloodstream through the eye of the his penis or through tiny cuts on his cock. So using condoms for the all of intercourse is the best way to protect each other. For more on staying safe, you can go to Regular testing is also important for sexually active guys. For more information on testing, you can go to

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