‘Agender’ is a portfolio of stunning photos that puts a spotlight on those who live amongst the blurred lines of male/female identity.


The collection, from artist Chloe Aftel, features several young agender and queer-identifying individuals that aims to introduce viewers to the real faces and stories of some gender fluid teens and adults.


Aftel’s project began in light of a vicious attack against an agender-identifying student, Sasha Fleischman, who was set on fire by a fellow student while sleeping on a bus in November last year. The attack became mainstream news resulting with Sasha becoming a public representative for the nonbinary gender community, that ultimately led Aftel to Sasha’s home to learn more about the new icon of America’s gender-queer youth.


“I found it fascinating that there is this whole group of people galvanizing the debate about what gender is, and to a certain extent, what love is and what self-expression is,” Aftel said. “It’s about what works for you.”


Here’s a preview of the collection below.


Agender 1


Agender 2


Agender 3


Agender 4


Agender 6


Agender 5


Agender 7

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