The condom has been an effective tool for contraception and a protection against the transmission of HIV and STI’s, but as many might agree the way it’s designed can reduce sensitivity and pleasure during sex.

Now, a new idea for condom design has been developed. It doesn’t cover the entire penis but just the tip of the head, leaving the sensitive coronal ridge and shaft exposed for more powerful orgasms.

Consisting of two pieces – a base which is applied first followed by a cap which covers the penis’ head, the innovation acts similar to a regular condom, catching and containing semen during ejaculation.

The invention called the Galactic Cap (G Cap), is designed by American Charlie Powell, who says the inspiration came after losing a friend to HIV. “I don’t want to position this product as an adult toy,” he said. “It’s serious.”

Whilst not available commercially yet, Powell believes that the G Cap could revolutionise safe sex practices.

Would you feel confident engaging in sex with a condom that just covers the head of the penis?

Watch Powell’s commercial video he produced which explains how it works below.

G Cap 1