#HOTDOCTORS – Why you need a HIV test

Testing never looked so good.

HIV testing can be something easily avoided or forgotten, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hot doctors (and hot nurses) are everywhere; they could be waiting to take your tests as you read this. Previously the Buzzfeed community have celebrated the #hotdoctors phenomenon through blog posts, and it’s time we reviewed some of the reasons why you should be getting your next HIV test (#hotdoctors).

1. Here is one reason to get tested

2. And here is another:


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3. Have you gone to get a test yet?

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4. Perhaps you should seek… professional help 😉


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5. Did you know you are supposed to be getting tested at least 2 times a year? Imagine this happening twice:

Getting tested twice, I mean…

6. Ok, that is at least 6 reasons to go get tested.


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Of course if you needed another (more) important reason why you should test, remember testing often is crucial to help end HIV transmissions by 2020! So you’ll be doing your part in ending HIV by 2020 while you potentially enjoy some white-coated eye candy!

If you need a hand remembering when you need to grab a test, we have a remind me tool that can help you make it back to your testing clinic. Not sure where to get tested? Check out our where to test tool.