Safe sex videos like you’ve never seen before… Well maybe you have. But this short has more than sexy naked men. It has heart.

This feature presents the conflict often experienced by couples around disclosure of HIV status, and ‘knowing’ the status of yourself and your lovers. Los Angeles Impulse Group, a sexual health organisation catering to the gay community in Southern California was responsible for producing this sexy health message to a heartrendingly beautiful cover of Rihanna’s Stay.

Amazing soundtrack aside, I think this video has the right amount of compassion, something we tend to leave out of these human interactions we share with the men around us. The compassion to ask someone how they are if they’re upset , the power of knowing your own status, and the willingness to share it with those you wish take the next step with.

Also there is a scene with some EXPLICIT CONTENT which might not be workplace appropriate but certainly gets to the heart of how sex can be hot, safe and honest 😉
You can watch the video here before I give you any spoilers:


Do you know your status?


Jack Gorman is involved with ACON’s Digital and Social Media Campaigns, and likes to produce great content that inspires and engages the broader community of ENDING HIV.