Making the most of your deflated butt plug

American artist Paul McCarthy’s giant inflatable butt plug (we should mention it’s a sculpture titled ‘Tree’) over the past week has drawn much attention, positioned in front of the Place Vendome in Paris.



The sculpture drew attention initially due to its lewd nature, but tragically it has since been vandalised by a mysterious assailant and deflated. But as ever the internet was not satisfied with making a negative out of such a great piece of public art, and Twitter user @beaubodor had this observation:



Perhaps a giant condom is the next great public art display? Either way it is important to remember to stay safe and use condoms with casual encounters. For more information on safe sex strategies check out what’s safe sex page.



Updated: Only a week after the shock vandal attack on Paul McCarthy’s giant (butt plug) sculpture titled ‘Tree’, the artist has struck back by opening a “Chocolate Factory” which houses the production and storing of chocolate scaled down models of the butt plug, as well as chocolate garden gnomes. For more info about McCarthy’s chocolate factory read on here.