Keeping ourselves safe and free from harm is inherently instinctive. But in our everyday lives we can forget how some of the simplest situations can become unsafe and dangerous. Such as…


Not paying attention to road signs


Underestimating parked cars


Forgetting your Opal card


Cleaning the treadmill


Performing yoyo tricks


Telling your friends “Yeah, sure I know how to drive a boat.”


Watching too much men’s gymnastics


Watching too many skating videos


Hiding in the fire place


Being eager to start round 2


Explaining the purposes of a chair


Over ambitious teamwork


If we don’t keep safety top of mind we are putting ourselves at risk. In the bedroom, to prevent the spread of HIV it’s important we stay safe. Condoms are the most effective barrier against HIV and other STIs but if you decide not to use condoms, there’s other ways to reduce risk of HIV transmission.