Today we hear the amazing story of Tyler Curry and how his coming out as HIV-positive gave him the freedom and drive to live life to the full.


Like many HIV-positive gay guys, becoming public about their status can bring back similar feelings and emotions of the time they came out as gay. Fear of rejection and how it may affect their relationships circle the mind with a constant barrage of questions one asks themself like: “When is the right time?” and “How will they react?”.


But just like keeping anything bottled inside, it’s only a matter of time before it eventually explodes out – as Tyler described it: “like a pissed-off fish out of water, getting more and more desperate to breathe”.


When Tyler finally came out as HIV-positive the doubts and fears he had wrestled with internally were replaced with feelings of support and admiration. He became someone who no longer feared HIV but challenged it and was able to look at himself and accept who he was once again.


“I had found a way back to myself. I could, again, claim the face in the mirror as my own.”


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