Achieving an undetectable viral load can dramatically reduce your risk of transmitting HIV, so why do you need to still use condoms? Let’s find out:

Protect yourself from STI’s

While reaching an undetectable viral load greatly reduces your risk of transmission you can still contract other STI’s, such as Gonorrhoea and HPV, from your sexual partners. When either the positive guy or a negative partner have an STI they greatly increase their risk of transmission; for the positive guy it can cause a spike in his viral load or for the negative guy it can make him more susceptible to infection. The best way to prevent this is to use condoms.

UVL is not a guarantee

An undetectable viral load is not a guarantee against transmitting HIV to your partner, and there is a range of factors that can cause a spike in your viral load, increasing the risk of transmission. Condoms still remain the most effective barrier against HIV and your best bet at staying safe.

Protect the one you love

It’s down to you to look out for the ones you love. If you are having sex with someone it’s your responsibility as well as theirs to stay safe, and eliminate the risk of transmitting HIV. Condoms are still the best way at reducing that risk.