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Here at Ending HIV we get a lot of questions about sexual health. So, before you submit your question, check if it has already been answered. Can’t find it? Submit it below and one of our peer experts will get back to you.

Ending HIV is a sexual health campaign for gay, bisexual and other guys who have sex with guys, based in NSW, Australia. As such, we prioritise questions received in relation to these communities. If you are living overseas or in another state, there may be limits to the support we can provide. While our peers are highly knowledgeable, they can’t give specific medical advice. Whatever your concern, always seek the advice of a doctor or trained medical professional you trust.

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I have body pain with a nasl congestion with headaches with a mild fever please is it HIV sytoms

Hi, Thanks for your question. The nasal congestion, headaches and mild fever you’re experiencing can be caused by many different things. We recommend visiting your doctor or health professional for a check-up and to seek further medical advice from them.

I have lost weight so quick can it be hiv&aids

Hi, Thanks for your question. Weight loss can be caused by many different things. We recommend seeking further medical advice from your doctor or health professional.

A person with lupus,and they are also have hiv. Will they hiv symptom be worse or mild. And will they be sick all the time.

Hi, Thanks for your question. Since Ending HIV is led by peers in our community, it’s difficult for us to provide the specific medical advice you’re asking for about HIV and its interaction with lupus. We recommend consulting with your doctor or health professional with your questions around lupus and HIV, and seek any further medical advice from them.

Can a with hiv and diabetes reuse the same needle?

Hi, Thanks for your question. We don’t recommend ever reusing needles and syringes as this can be a pathway for the transmission of HIV and other blood-borne viruses. If you need a supply of needles and syringes, we recommend finding your nearest Needle & Syringe Program (NSP) Outlet, which you can find on NSW Health’s website here:

Hello. I suffered sexual abuse 3 months ago. I was only able to tell my parents 3 weeks later, in which I a couple days later got tested for HIV 4th generation, it came back negative. I redid the test 3 weeks later, at 2 months, which was also negative. I once again did the test at 94 days after the exposure and it was negative. They were all 4th generation tests. Can I be confident that I’m not infected by HIV or do I still need to worry about getting tested once again? Thank you.

Hi, We’re really sorry to hear what you’ve gone through. Thank you for reaching out to us. We understanding it could have taken a lot for you to be able to speak up about this. We want to firstly let you know that we are here to support you if you need. If you are looking for support, ACON has an amazing team of counsellors that you can reach out to at any point. If you would like to access counselling, you can directly message us your name and phone number, and our intake officer can reach out and put you in touch with one of our counsellors. But if you would like to call at your own time or when you feel ready, you can call ACON’s intake line at 9206 2000 or complete an intake form here: Other out of hours support lines you could access include Q Life (LGBTI Counselling) at 1800 184 527 (3-12pm) or Lifeline at 13 11 14 (24 hours). Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (RDVSA) also have a sexual assault counselling line for LGBTQI+ people at 1800 497 212. You can also find more info about their services at their website here: In regards to your question, tests for HIV can have a window period of between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on the test. This is the period of time it takes for a reactive result to appear in the test after possible exposure to HIV. Your test at 94 days sits outside of the window period. This means that the negative result you received from that test would have been conclusive for your HIV status. If you’ve possibly been exposed to HIV since then, then you will need to get tested again. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or are looking for someone to talk to about your experiences. Again, ACON and all of those other organisations have amazing teams of counsellors who you can reach out to if you ever wish.

We tried ribbed and dotted but it didn't gave pleasure for both of us. What can we try

Hi, Thanks for your question. It’s so exciting to hear you have been trying different ways to make condoms fun! Along with texture, flavoured condoms could also be something you and your partner try. You one of our blog posts on How To Pick The Perfect Condom here: If you’re looking for that extra pleasure for the both of you, sex toys could also be something fun and new to consider. There are many different types of sex toys you can explore depending on what you both are looking for. You can read a blog we wrote on Sex Toys 101 here:

I had in protected sex in this year in July and the next morning I woke up to painless cuts like wounds around my penis neck and I went to the clinic where they said it’s syphilis and I was given medicine and after somes weeks I started feeling some pains in my anal area and it was itching and it went off after some weeks and after some time I developed yeast I think in mid October and I got treated in November early and it’s gone but my penis head it’s still red with fading spots but not fully gone and my penis whole with some bruise one time I woke up to am erection and my penis whole touched my thigh I felt pain ..and today I had my leg muscles paining and sometimes my lower abdomen gets warmed up but not painful and same thing happens to my testical...what’s the meaning of all these things??

Hi, Thanks for your question. A lot of the symptoms you’re describing can be caused by many different things. We recommend seeking further medical advice from your doctor or health professional.

Where can I order a play kit

Hi, you can order play packs on our website here:

If you do not know if you have HIV,STI's or AIDs but still proceeded to eat your own cum. Will you activate HIV,STI's or AIDs that may already be present in you own body. So, in summary Unknown body status eats own cum, will the respective virus/bacteria/diseases activate?

Hi, thanks for your question. HIV can be carried in the following bodily fluids; blood, semen, pre-cum, rectal fluids, vaginal or front hole fluids and breast milk. HIV is transmitted if one of these fluids from a person living with HIV enters a HIV negative person’s bloodstream. So to answer your question, no, HIV cannot be ‘activated’ by eating your own cum. If your status is unknown, the best way to find out your status is through a HIV test. We recommend to anyone who is sexually active to get tested every 3 months. If you live in NSW, you can find the nearest place to get tested here: Today, we also have several highly effective HIV prevention strategies. This includes condoms, PrEP, PEP and UVL. You can read more about these options on our website and find out what works best for you: