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Recently I had a sex with a lady of unknown HIV status, later I become curious and afraid so we decided to go for test, we both tested non reactive using rapid determine. But I don't know her sexual activity of recent. I am at risk??

Hi, Thanks for your question. We recommend anyone who is sexually active to have regular sexual health check-ups every 3 months. If you live in NSW, you can find your nearest sexual health clinic here: For more medical advice, you can visit your doctor, local sexual health clinic or call the Sexual Health Infolink at 1800 451 624.

Hi I i’ve got an exposure at 27 september 2018 I’ve got sexual intercouse with a woman whom i dont know her sexual health The intercourse wa full protected with condom After a few minute of penetration she unaware that she in her period.. ive blood in a tip of my condom Immediately i stop the penetration and wash it in the toilet.. and check if the condom was broke... but the condom was still in perfect condition After that i’ve got test at 7 december 2018 and 7 februari 2019 both with rapid test and the result is negative And the i go for elisa test at 24 april 2019 and the result was “0,07 cut off <1 negative But i’ve got symptoms like dry cough, rash and fever Is my result conclusive? Or do i need more test?

Hi, Thank you for your question. Based off your test results, there would have been no HIV transmission from the incident that happened on 27 September 2018. A dry cough, rash and fever symptoms can be caused from a lot of different things. We recommend seeking medical advice from a doctor or health practitioner about your symptoms.

now sixth time testing 4 hiv Bt different results 2 ov them showing postve en 4 are negtv so Wats the trueth?

Hi, Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear that you have been getting mixed results from your tests. We recommend you get in touch with your doctor or health practitioner who can provide more medical advice on this situation.

Hi, I had sex with my partner whose HIV status is unknown, and the condom broke when we were having sex. Then I had a test 4 weeks after that sex, and the test is negative. However, I just realized the test is only convincing when it is done after 6 weeks exposure. So I want to know if it is necessary to book another test in a few week.

Hi, Thank you for your question. The window period can vary anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on the type of test or technology being used. PEP is a treatment you can access to prevent infection if you’ve potentially been exposed to HIV. However, the treatment must start within 72 hours of the risk event. More info on PEP can be found here: We recommend seeking medical advice from your local sexual health clinic or doctor. Alternatively, if you live in NSW you can call the Sexual Health Info Link on 1800 451 624 to further discuss your question.

A few months ago I had sex and then three days later, I went on Prep. The required test to receive Prep came up negative (because it was only three days since I had sex). I have recently taken a HIV test. It has been three months (since the above incident) and it has come up negative. I just wanted to know if taking Prep would affect my results in any way since I am still unsure about that incident I had just before taking Prep. If it does effect the results, how long do I have to wait until I receive a conclusive result. Thank you.

The vast majority of HIV tests are conclusive after three months following a risk incident. In fact, some HIV tests have a window period of six weeks or less. For absolute confirmation, touch base with your healthcare provider who did your testing to confirm window periods, while it is highly likely the test is conclusive.

Hello, Will being on Prep affect my HIV results in any way? Thank you

PrEP is only available to people who are HIV negative, so we shall interpret your question to mean, how will PrEP affect your HIV test results? PrEP, when taken as prescribed (in Australia that is one pill taken once daily), it extremely effective at reducing the risk of acquiring HIV. It is important to take one pill once a day however. If you miss doses, the effectiveness of PrEP reduces and puts your more at risk of acquiring HIV.

I had a non occupational exposure risk to hiv. The partner hiv status is unknown. I started pep 12 hours after exposure viread300 plus zeffex 300 for 28 days. Hiv p24 antigen only is done at 28 days post exposure and was negative. Hiv antibody (third generation) is done 6 weeks 12 weeks 14 weeks and 16 weeks post exposure and all came back negative As 4th generation test is not available where i live Can these results make me reasonably negative for hiv

Hi, thank you for your question. Given that you have tested outside of the window period (12 weeks), you can be sure that your HIV test results are conclusive. For more information about testing please follow this link:

Hello thanks a lot for your good site and your help. Sorry for my poor english. I had low risk (receiving unprotected oral sex)from sex worker 15 month ago. And my tests results are:after 1 and 4 and 7 and 10 and 14 month hiv ab/ag is negative. But i have some symtomps after my risk untill now that i had not before like ulcer in my tongue and mouth,hot feeling on my foot in sleep and painfull swollen lymph nodes. Can i trust my tests rusult? I think i am hiv positive but there is some problem with tests! Need any another hiv test for me? Best regards.

Hi, thank you for your question. Given that you have tested outside of the window period (12 weeks), you can be sure that your HIV test results are conclusive. For more information about testing please follow this link: Given that symptoms have persisted, we would recommend seeing your doctor and having them assess you as there could be numerous reasons for the symptoms you have been experiencing.

How accurate hiv 1@2 antibody test 15 weeks after exposure

Most HIV tests are fully conclusive after six and twelve weeks following a risk incident, depending on the test used. The variance in window period depends on which HIV test your healthcare provider uses. To answer your question with certainty, ask your healthcare provider who delivered your last HIV test for those details. If you have never had a test, it is recommended to test four times a year and your provider will inform you of the specifics of the test used at your visit.