Guys in New South Wales share their stories about how they’re helping end HIV by 2020.


“You’re doing something proactive and taking control of your life.”

Having had many HIV tests in the past, Aaron knows there’s nothing to be afraid of. Testing allows him to feel confident in himself so he can have the healthy, safe sex he wants. Watch Aaron’s story.

Simon & Blake

“My partner and I do it together. It’s something we do regularly.”

Blake and his partner Simon are open about their sex lives and their sexual health. When it comes to testing, they do it together for their own peace of mind and for the people they see outside of their relationship. Watch Blake’s story.


“Testing is important as it allows you to be honest, open and safe.”

Making informed decisions based on his HIV status allows Mark to be in control of his health – and that feels good. Knowing his status is important and to do so he gets tested often. Watch Mark’s story.


“It’s a routine for me.”

Developing his own testing routine was easy for Konstantin with the help of a reminder he gets every time he’s due for an HIV test. Watch Konstantin’s story.


“It’s better to know for your own health and for the health of the people you’re involved with.”

There’s nothing worse than not knowing his HIV status, which is why getting tested often is key for Erroll. And with rapid HIV testing being free, convenient and confidential, he can get tested with ease. Watch Erroll’s story.


“I had waited 10 years before I’d actually done it and I lived not knowing.”

Overcoming his fears and doubts about testing and eventually going for his first HIV test took a long time for John. Part of it was denial and not wanting to know, but as he sees it today, why wouldn’t you want to know? Watch John’s story.


“I think in general being trans and trying to access sexual health services can be a bit tricky.”

Ruben was originally worried that he may not encounter any people who were trans-aware or friendly. His fears were not realised. Watch Ruben’s story.


“The first time I was nervous I wasn’t ready to talk about my sexual status.”

Going for a HIV test at first was uncomfortable for Sox. He wasn’t used to talking about his sexuality with a GP. Now it’s just a part of his routine and it’s faster and easier than ever with a[TEST]. Watch Sox’s story.


“I look forward to knowing the result. I go to put my mind at ease.”

Having a lot of partners means that Craig gets tested for HIV on a regular basis. It allows him to have the sex he wants while staying safe. Watch Craig’s story.


“Testing was nerve wracking because we didn’t really know a lot about HIV/AIDS.”

Living through the worst of the HIV/AIDs crisis meant Brett lost friends and witnessed his community under stress. Today everything has changed. Treatments are better, testing is easier and it’s part of Brett’s overall health regime. Watch Brett’s story.


“It’s like freedom, knowing you haven’t got anything.”

It wasn’t always so easy. The first time Tristan was tested he found it scary. Now he knows the process is faster, free and confidential. Watch Tristan’s story.

Acon's Commitment

One of the main ways ACON is committing to ending HIV by 2020 is through sustained advocacy efforts on behalf of our community as well as feeding information about the effectiveness of the ENDING HIV initiative back to the community… Read more.

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