Let Them Know

Had an STI recently and want to tell your partners?

Telling a guy you’ve contracted an STI might be a little uncomfortable, but if you don’t, STIs can continue to be passed on. So, when you’re letting your partner(s) know you’ve contracted an STI, you’re helping them take charge of their health and stopping the spread of STIs.

It’s best to be upfront

Believe it or not, many guys would prefer you told them directly. For real! Consider this – a guy you’ve recently slept with finds out he has chlamydia. Wouldn’t you rather he tell you than not?

Sure, it may not be easy, so here’s an example of what you could say:

“There’s no easy way to say this but I’ve just tested positive for rectal chlamydia. Not sure how or when I got it, but thought you should know so you can get tested if you haven’t yet. Sorry, I know it’s not the sexiest message!”

And say you’re on the receiving end and someone you’ve hooked-up with tells you they’ve got an STI. Yes, it may catch you off guard and you may even feel a bit annoyed. But remember, it’s not easy for anyone to admit to, so their honesty and courage should be acknowledged. Thank them for letting you know and book yourself a test.

Prefer a more discreet option?

If you have their number or email, there are online tools such as Let Them Know that enables you to anonymously inform your recent sexual partner(s) that they may have contracted an STI. It’s free to use and your identity is kept confidential.