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I am a gay HIV positive and Chinese citizen, can I get medical treatments in MEL? Where should I go for help?
Hi. To ask about options for getting treatments in Melbourne, you would be best to speak to Living Positive Victoria. Their contact details are on their website here:
I have been diagnosed with HIV 2 in October 2012, i started taking the medication in december 2012 because my cd4 count was low. I have been taking medication since then up unti now but every time when i go for checkups at the clinics they nurses are always telling me that my viral load is still very high i am showing little sings of improvement. What might be the problem? Because i do everything accordingly and they shout me telling me that its because i am not taking my medication correctly. Please help this is so frustrating for me, having to take pills everyday bt only to find out that there is little progress. I am in south Africa, 24 years old male. Thank you
Hello. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been having a frustrating time. Unfortunately though we aren't doctors or clinicians here so we wouldn't be able to comment or your medications. Our website is for gay men and other men who have sex with men in Australia. However, there may be organisations in South Africa that might be able to help you, such as the Anova Health Institute ( They have specific project for men who have sex with men ( - if this is suitable for you. Otherwise they also have a range of other programs for all people across a number of provinces in South Africa. This includes a program for HIV treatments and medicines ( Even if they don't have a specific program in your province, they may still be able to help you find out where to go in your local area or region.
You are just infected with hiv 4mnths ago and you are on medication will this virus can end
Hi. Unfortunately, the medication for HIV does not get rid of HIV. However, the medication can control the virus, so people with HIV can live long and normal lives.
I\'m hiv positive but haven\'t got any medication at the clinic should I be worried about that
Some doctors may not prescribe treatments for HIV until their patient's CD4 count fall to a particular level. In Australia, until March 2014, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) didn’t allow doctors to prescribe HIV treatment to people with CD4 counts above 500 who had no clinical symptoms. However, since 1 April 2014, this barrier has been removed and doctors can now prescribe HIV treatment to HIV-positive people with any CD4 count. So, anyone in Australia with HIV who has a Medicare card can now get subsidised treatment through the PBS. When you start treatment is up to you, so talk to your doctor about your options and what is right for you. For more information about HIV treatments, check out: It includes information about treatments, their benefits, having a good relationship with your doctor, and questions you can ask your doctor when talking to them about treatments.

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