25 things that make you want to say ‘thank you’

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving widely here in Australia, but we do have a gay-Christmas (Happy Mardi Gras!). This year, we are saying thank you to you – the community – for playing your part  towards ending HIV transmissions for all.

So in the spirit of being thankful, here’s a quick round-up of some things that ought to surely make you want to say yaasss, thanks bish.

When that cute barista remembers your order and your name

Stepping out of the hairdresser’s and the cut is fresh as hell

When the douche water runs clear

Dropping your phone and the screen doesn’t crack

When the hot plumber arrives to fix your pipes and now you’ve flooded your basement

Arriving at the clinic for your quarterly check-up feeling like a celeb while all the regular nurses welcome you back

The squad picking your favourite song at karaoke

That moment when you first meet and he looks BETTER than in his pictures

When you roll the condom on and it doesn’t get stuck

Finding a guy when you’re dating who is totes on the same wavelength as you

Laura Dern

When he’s 50 metres away and you’re ready for it

When the train is also running 1 minute late

When Netflix and Chill turns Imax and Climax

When HIV status isn’t a deal-breaker

When your friends have got your back after a break-up

When he’s available and can host

No longer fearing HIV because you are taking PrEP

Billy Porter on any red carpet

He whips out the lube without you having to ask

When you’re in pain and sick and he turns up with soup

When he’s popped in a fresh chewie before making out

When the butt plug settles

Organising plans and every one of your hennies can make it

When he gives you his number after an amazing date