5 things you could also do with condoms

Latex condoms are an impressive feat of technology that continues to be the best barrier against HIV. However some have started using them in many different and creative ways outside the bedroom. Here are 5 of the best ones we’ve seen:

1. Dress up

Looking for a costume idea for that next theme party? Never mind silk, condoms are here to make you the outfit which will strike the conversation silent when entering the room.

Check out ”Connie”, originally designed by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini the dress has been recreated and named by an Illawarra community group to promote safe sex. Read more about the dress here.


red carpet final01

2. Cooking

While perhaps not advised, a cookbook dedicated to cooking with condoms has been released in Japan. Featuring recipes such as condom cookies and escargot, the possibilities seem various, if not interesting. Read more on your next condom culinary adventure here.


3. Making a balloon animal

Do you have some “extra large” condoms hanging around from that “extra large” someone who never showed up? With this tutorial you will be well on your way to making your first condom balloon animal!
For inspiration check out this great Durex ad.


4. Rainboots

If you are at all familiar with Sydney then you are no stranger to sudden and torrential spurts of wet weather. Say hello to your new wet weather shoe canoes. People may look at you funny as you advance down the street but boy are those feet dry.



5. Greasy finger (food) protectors

Picture this. You are out at a birthday function. You were running late so you didn’t have any time to eat dinner before you left and you’ve had a couple flutes of champagne, but the only food is greasy fried chicken which you must eat with your hands! Don’t stress about getting grease on that suit because now that you have condom finger protectors! First created by a South Korean inventor and called “Finger Naps”, using your condoms to protect your hands from oily foods has never made more sense!



Keeping in mind these useful (and some not so useful) applications of condoms are no replacement to proper condom use. If you want some pointers check out how to use condoms and other ways to stay safe on our site.