Aaron Darr has been through a lot for a 23-year old. Growing up with an abusive father, coming out as gay at 13 and then at 17, just 2 days before Christmas, being told he is HIV positive, one could say he’s had his fair share of life’s challenges.


But his past is by no means holding him back from a big and wonderful future.


Today, Aaron, who is on successful HIV treatment and has graduated from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, is also taking a step into politics with a desire to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, amongst other topics. “I want to start a dialogue and I want to do it before the other side tries to define me as some dying AIDS patient.”


During an interview with Queerty.com, Aaron took another bold step forward by publicly disclosing his HIV status in an effort to rid himself of any “skeletons in the closet” on his political pursuit, later describing it like “coming out all over again”.


He has received much support in recent weeks and hopes he can further educate society on safe sex and HIV, while reaching out to a younger generation.


Read more about Aaron’s story: here.


Aaron Darr