The documentary ‘Broken Heart Land’ had its world premiere at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco on June 21.


This powerful documentary follows the Harrington family after the tragedy of losing their son Zack to suicide and how they became advocates for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.


Nancy Harrington, mother of Zack, wrote a heartfelt blog about her son trying to understand what led him to take his own life as well as the discovery of a big secret he had been keeping from his family – that he was HIV-positive.


The Harrington’s mission now is to share Zack’s story and hopes the documentary will help save lives.


“Our children need to know we are willing to talk and listen. We need to be telling our young people who are HIV-positive or living with AIDS, you matter, we love you, and we want a cure for you, but until that happens, we are here to support you.”


Watch the trailer to ‘Broken Heart Land’ below:



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