Condom Dos and Don’ts

A guide on how to treat your condom with the love and respect it deserves.

1. DO make sure to buy condoms that fit

Let’s not worry to much about impressing the (lucky) gentleman with your condom size. Larger sizes are made to fit your cock’s girth, and if you buy too large you risk it slipping off while fucking. Find a size that fits you and ensure that you are keeping yourself and your partner protected from HIV and other STIs.

2. DON’T forget to bring the condoms!

Ok, so this one may seem a little obvious, but if you don’t remember to bring the condom with you, you can hardly expect to get much protection from it. 😛 However, if you’ve accidentally left them at home, and you’re ‘sleeping’ (we’re talking netflix and chill here) at his, why not ask him for condoms?

3. DO check the used by date

While you may be more focused on flipping over your partner, you need to make sure to flip the condom wrapper over and check that it’s still within its used by date.

4. DON’T use your teeth to open the sachet

In the heat of the moment, it might seem easier to use your mouth (you know who you are), but using your teeth to open the condom wrapper can sometimes accidentally damage the condom, which means you are left unprotected during sex. Better to use your hands for the condom wrapper and leave your mouth ready for other activities.

5. DO remember to use lube!

If you are going to use condoms, then you are also going to want to use lube. Not using any lube or using oil based lubricants (including Crisco and butter) wear down the condoms and make them easier to break. When using condoms it’s highly recommended to use water or silicone based lubes as they prevent condoms from breaking!

6. DON’T hate the condom

Lots of people talk about the lack of sensitivity that wearing condoms can cause, but it’s important not to let other people’s views prevent you from engaging in the safe sex that you want. Condoms remain one of the most effective ways to prevent HIV and other STI transmission, and if your partner would prefer not to use condoms it’s important that you make the decision that is best for you. Be aware of the other safe sex strategies at your disposal, and consider trying various types of condoms that might give you (and your partner) greater pleasure in the bedroom.

7. DO make sure you are putting on the condom the right way!

If it’s your first time using condoms, or even if you are in need of a refresher, it’s important to understand the proper way to put on a condom. Thankfully porn star Brent Corrigan put together a helpful guide which you can find on our All About Condoms page. At this point I should mention its definitely NSFW – enjoy!

8. DON’T forget, the decision to wear condoms is in your hands

It’s not enough to leave it up to your partner. If you want to use condoms as protection, talk about it and don’t feel pressured to take any risks that you don’t want to. While condoms aren’t the only tool you can use to have safer sex, they remain one of the most effective, but you need to be clear with the guy you are hooking up with about what the expectation is when it comes to show time. Whatever your decision, make sure you’ve considered the risks before the moment takes you.