Eating well and still bottoming

We’ve all seen those memes depicting a ‘bottom’s dinner’, usually a photo of a depressingly barren plate or, better yet, a bowl of ice cubes. Delicious. 🙄

Jokes about bottoms starving themselves to indulge in the pleasures of anal sex have been around for yonks, telling the tale that to enjoy bottoming means to go without food!

Enter YouTube, Instagram and TikTok star Alex Hall with his delicious-looking meals and sex health advice channel, The Bottom’s Digest. He’s all about a gut-first approach to preparing bottoming-friendly meals for those who want to hook up without skipping dinner.

To help feed our hungry minds and learn how to eat well while still bottoming, we’ve gleaned some of the best tips from The Bottoms Digest so far!

Make sure you’ve got enough fibre in your diet

Fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet; it not only helps you feel satiated for longer, but it also bulks out your poo, keeping you regular and helps to avoid constipation. While clever marketing has introduced fibre supplements like psyllium husk as part of a standard of bottom health, prioritising plants in your diet might be an easier way to introduce more fibre.

Fruit and vegetables are fibre-rich foods with similar effects to fibre supplements like Metamucil or Pure for Men; however, it’s very hard to overdo the dosing compared with the supplements. Fruits and vegetables take up space in your gut, which signals your body to stop when it’s full. Some guys will take larger doses of fibre supplements to relieve bloating, but this can instead contribute to constipation and bloating!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking supplements, but as The Bottom’s Digest points out, make sure to follow the instructions on the fibre supplement container to get the right dose.

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Drink plenty of fluids

Or, as Alex says: Hydrate Hoe! Us hoes humans need between 8-10 cups of fluid a day (2.1 – 2.6 litres). Fluids help fibre do its job and help you digest and poo without any drama.

The good news is that fluid doesn’t just mean water; it can include tea and coffee, fruit juice, milk, soup, soft drinks and other beverages. It all counts! Of course, keep in mind that some of these are high-calorie drinks that can contribute to weight gain and damage teeth if you don’t enjoy them in moderation.

Do you know when else it’s handy to have plenty of fluids? When you’re hooking up! Using lube is essential, especially with anal sex! Lube helps increase your comfort and pleasure, all while reducing friction and helping to prevent HIV and other STIs – bonus protection if you’re pairing lube with condoms.

Listen to your body

This may sound like something spoken to you at a meditation retreat, but if you listen to your body, it’ll usually tell you something after each meal. If you feel bloated, experience gassiness, become constipated or experience more watery stools, this is your body giving you direct feedback about what it doesn’t like.

Of course, starving yourself before a hookup isn’t the best solution either, and many people can eat a meal and then go on to enjoy bottoming a short while later.

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So what’s the key? Listening to your body!

Through trial and error, you’ll often already know your trigger foods. Avoid the foods you’ve learned you might react to, especially when you want to have sex. If you’re less sure, you might like to keep a food journal after eating throughout the day and see if any patterns emerge with certain meals.

It’s all about balance

It’s OK to have fast food, but if you are having a guilty pleasure, why not pair it with a high-fibre side dish? You can add a side salad or veggie dish to most things, and it’ll make you appreciate the pizza or whatever you’re eating even more. You might even like to try Alex’s sauteed green beans with garlic and lemon.

Accidents happen! It’s what you do about it that matters

Accidents happen with even the most careful prep; what matters is how you react to a code brown. If your partner ever has anything negative to say on the matter, then they should reconsider having anal at all.

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Depending on the situation, all you might need to do is check in about how you’re both feeling after cleaning up; if the bottoms feeling OK and you want to, then get back to it! Others instead might prefer to take a break and head to the shower for a rinse before resuming.

The Bottom’s Digest has given us plenty to digest in terms of tips for better butt and gut health! If you’re looking for more bottoming tips and recipes, you can, of course, check out the show on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.