Being Gay Around The Globe

LGBT globetrotting documentarians capturing our struggle across the world

Identifying as an LGBT+ person on this blue-green planet of ours can mean any number of things, decided, in part, on your geographical location. By in large, Western countries have more progressive policy and advocacy when it comes to LGBT+ issues, but none of us are immune to vilification that is often experience by our brothers and sisters across the globe. That is why it is not a surprise that two different LGBT celebrities, Stephen Fry and Ellen Page, have chosen to bring this issue to light represent it on the screen.

Currently being released is Ellen Page’s ‘Gaycation’, a documentary web-series that gives air to struggles of different LGBT+ communities around the world. Ellen shares her role hosting the project with her close friend Ian Daniel, and expresses her hopes that the series can “shine a light on the people that are really oppressed and hopefully create awareness and change”. You can watch the trailer to Gaycation below, and watch the full first episode on Viceland here.

Gaycation (2016) 

Meanwhile actor, comic and presenter Stephen Fry starred in the 2013 documentary mini-series ‘Out There’, which challenged homophobia while interviewing different LGBT+ people about their experiences across the globe. Stephen Fry is an ardent and eloquent communicator even at the worst of times, and watching his journey grilling homophobes and giving time to tell the stories of our international brothers and sisters is thoroughly enjoyable. Check out the first episode below, and watch the second episode here.

Out There (2013)