Life hacks to remind yourself when to get tested for HIV and STIs

Time does not stand still, and neither do you! So in this busy 21st century life, how in Cher’s name are we to know when the time is right to have our next HIV and STI test?

Firstly, the good news is, knowing how frequently to get tested is easier than ever before, with all sexually active guys now encouraged to test four times a year.

But wait! I have a lot going on right now, how am I expected to keep on top of so much testing? – I hear you say. Well, we’ve put together some tips that might help remind you when it’s time for a check-up.

Change of seasons? Time to get a test

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – every time the season shifts, it’s not only time to change your wardrobe, but could also be time to book your next HIV and STI test.

You’ve got to pay the bills? Time to book a test

Bills are one of life’s torments, so much so that even Destiny’s Child wrote a song about them. And while utility bills may be the most dreaded thing for a lot of us, helpfully, they usually come routinely and quarterly. So while you are adulting and paying off those bills, bills, bills from your hard earned savings, why not take the time to book a sexual health check-up.

New Years, Mardi Gras, Queen’s Birthday and Halloween

Four familiar occasions that are spaced out across a year – and also four great prompts to get a test! Whether you are smooching someone under the midnight fireworks, covered in biodegradable glitter marching down Oxford Street, getting all YAASS KWEEN over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, or slaying at a Halloween house party, consider if it might also be time to book a test.

Going away for a holiday? Book a test

Whether you are heading down the coast, interstate, or international, saying bon voyage for a getaway can be great a cue to book a test. So before you get to know new places and strangers from afar, get to know your status first.

Happy birthday babe! Is it time to get a test?

For guys who may be in a monogamous relationship or aren’t as sexually active, you may not need to get tested four times a year. But getting tested at least annually is still a must! So, as you celebrate another lap around the sun, ask yourself if it’s also time to make a lap to the clinic.

When you forget about it, but something else reminds you

These days we all tend to have a lot on. Which is why with the advent of smartphones, setting yourself reminders and calendar entries can be super handy! Why not put that calendar app to good use and schedule a recurring reminder for every three months to get tested? Better yet, you could sign up to our free SMS or email remind me service. Additionally, most sexual health clinics also have a free SMS reminder service available for when you are due for your next test, so why not take advantage of that while you are in for your next check-up?

Testing regularly is a great way to look after your own health and that of your partners, so if it’s been a while, why not find a place to get tested and book a test today.