HIV testing via the post

Getting to a HIV testing clinic can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. It might involve a long drive, awkward opening hours, and sometimes tricky conversations about your sexual history. So if any of these are keeping you from getting a HIV test, then we have some good news for you. DBS (Dried Blood Spot) testing is here and you can order a kit to be delivered to your home today.

What is Dried Blood Spot testing?

Dried Blood Spot testing is a great way to find out your HIV status without needing to visit a doctor, clinic or pathology centre. You order a kit that is sent to you by mail and it works by testing a few small drops of blood from your finger that is spread onto a testing card and left to dry.

The kit includes a lancet (a needle-like object) you use to prick your finger and draw out a small amount of blood. Using the lancet you then squeeze individual drops of blood onto a section of the testing card before letting it dry. Once dry, you package up your card and send it off to be tested for HIV. It’ll take about a week before your results are given to you by a sexual health nurse either through your choice of a SMS text message, phone call or email.

Who can get tested for HIV with DBS?

Any man who has sex with men, over the age of 16 and that lives in NSW is eligible to get a free DBS testing kit! Which means, even if you are Aboriginal, from Africa or Asia, a person who has a current or previous sexual partner/s from Africa or Asia, or people who have ever injected a drug, you can order a kit.

How much does the DBS kit cost?

It’s free! As long as you fulfil the above criteria then you can order a DBS kit without spending a penny.

How do I get a DBS testing kit?

To get a DBS testing kit you simply need to register online here and a DBS kit will be posted to an address of your choice. When you receive the kit it will have instructions on how to fill out the testing card along with a reply paid postage envelope, meaning you can send your results back without having to buy a stamp.

Don’t let fear of a testing clinic stop you from getting tested. Go ahead and order your DBS kit today!