Being gay, Muslim and HIV positive, one might consider Hussain Turk as a minority and underdog. But he doesn’t think so.

Irrespective of the labels attached to him, he’s a well-spoken, healthy, young guy who is studying law and has recently been named one of HIV Plus Magazine’s ‘Amazing HIV positive gay men’.

“As an HIV-positive, healthy, educated, financially privileged man with U.S. citizenship, I have a responsibility to advocate for others living with HIV not as well-situated as I am”.

Part of that drive behind the 26-year old’s passion may come from his past. Being subject to prejudice and discrimination from such a young age, particularly as a Muslim boy in high-school during the 9/11 tragedies, Hussain has, on occasion “been detained, harassed, threatened, and made to feel responsible for things with which I had nothing to do.”

But instead of letting all the discrimination he’s encountered discourage him, he’s using it as inspiration to make a positive change to society, and hopefully, the world.

“One of the most exciting and rewarding movements I have been a part of is the queer Muslim collective and the recent launch of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity. Every year we hold a retreat where attendees build community through spiritual exploration, consciousness-raising, art, and political strategizing.”

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