Let’s Do WorldPride With Love

It’s here! WorldPride has arrived Down Under, and we can’t wait to welcome folks from all around the globe (or around the block) for what is tipped to be the biggest queer celebration in Sydney ever.

For many, it might be their first time visiting our beautiful Harbour City, and with a jam-packed festival lined up, there’ll be no shortage of new and interesting sights, sounds and sensations to discover. 😉

This WorldPride, no matter how you plan to celebrate, and no matter what (or who) you do, we encourage you to do it safely and with love.

Here’s how you can stay safe this pride season.

Protect With Love

Protecting ourselves and each other from HIV and STIs is in our DNA; we came together to fight the HIV epidemic, and by working together in Australia, we’ve made great strides towards preventing new transmissions of HIV.

This WorldPride, we can protect ourselves by practising safe sex, which means using condoms, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), undetectable viral load (U=U) or a combination.

PEP With Love

There’s sure to be a LOT of sexy fun to be had this WorldPride, and in the heat of the moment, sometimes we slip up.

If you think you have been exposed to HIV, you may need PEP.

PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is a course of medication you can take after a potential exposure to HIV to prevent infection. But you need to act fast – within the first 72 hours after exposure.

Call the PEP hotline on 1800 737 669 to find the best way to access PEP. Read more about PEP and how to access it here.

Ask With Love

When it comes to sex, consent is crucial.

Consent means making sure they are telling you “yes” verbally or with affirmative body language ― and to keep checking in.

We all read body language differently, and with language barriers and differing cultural backgrounds added to the mix, understanding what “yes” means to someone else may not be as clear.

Learn more about consent and what it looks like here.

Party With Love

A festival of this magnitude means celebration, and celebration often comes coupled with alcohol consumption and other substances.

Whether at the club, an event or partying at home, look out for each other and party safe.

If you are at a venue or large event, keep an eye out for venue staff, onsite medical teams, ACON Rovers and DanceWize NSW – they are there to help!

If you’re at home or elsewhere and need some assistance: call Triple Zero (000) for emergency services such as police and ambulance.

Learn more about partying safely here.

Stay Home and Vax With Love

We all want to have the best party, but when illness strikes us down – such as COVID-19 or even a cold – it’s important we take care of ourselves and don’t put our friends and lovers at risk. Sometimes, the best way to show love is by staying home.

Be aware of the symptoms of mpox (monkeypox) which include fever, rash and sores, and if you feel unwell, seek medical advice, recover and avoid parties and crowds.

During WorldPride, free mpox vaccines will be made available to all eligible interstate and international travellers. Learn more about mpox and book a free vaccination here.