Let’s Test

Testing for HIV & STIs is free, easy and confidential!

It’s summer – for some of us, it means a trip to the shops; others might be heading out for a road trip or dip at the beach. You might even be getting some last-minute Mardi Gras outfits. If you’ve got a few other things going on, you don’t need to clear the calendar to get a test! Testing for HIV and STIs is free, easy and confidential. So, let’s test!


There are many ways you can test for HIV and STIs in NSW for free; you’ve just got to know how!

Get free HIV and STI tests at all public sexual health clinics

Across NSW, HIV and STI tests are free at all public sexual health clinics. Some services will let you book online; otherwise, call ahead to check opening hours and make a booking.

a[TEST] testing sites are all free

Have you ever wanted to talk about HIV testing or general sexual health stuff with a peer? a[TEST] sites are run with peer educators who can answer any of your testing questions while the clinical staff get you tested – all for free!

HIV and STI tests at a GP

It’s possible to get an HIV and STI screen at a GP for no cost! People with access to Medicare and a bulk-billing doctor can get tested for free. If your doctor has private billing arrangements, or you don’t have Medicare, costs may apply – Find out more here.

Order a free HIV self-testing kit to your door

Get a free and discreet HIV self-testing kit ordered to your home or another address you prefer. The test can be done at home, in a car, or anywhere you have some privacy.


With rapid HIV testing now available at selected clinics, you might even be able to get your results within 30 minutes of walking in the door! All they need is a finger prick, how easy is that?

Some clinics, like a[TEST], will also let you book an appointment online and text you your results. If you don’t want to travel, you can even get a test kit delivered to your door with HIV-self testing.


All of your personal information discussed during your test and the testing results is 100% confidential. This means that this information is kept private between you and the healthcare provider.

Rest assured – they will not share your information with any government bodies or agencies.

Some services may allow you to book or order a test under a pseudonym, which can help if you are especially concerned about your privacy. Just remember to have a record of the details you provided, as sometimes you’ll need them to retrieve your testing results.

Read more about HIV testing and confidentiality.

Let’s test! What’s next?

Finding a place to get tested has never been easier. Use our Where to Test tool and find your closest testing site.

For folks that don’t have access to Medicare or are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, they can check out this list of public sexual health clinics (free for all) and Aboriginal Medical Service (free for First Nations folks) sites here.

Or, if you prefer to order in, get a free HIV self-testing kit delivered at hivtest.au.