Watching LGBTI stories told on screen can be a far and few between event. Thankfully this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival has a number of fantastic films (including a couple of Aussie ones!) to stretch your horizons and make you proud to be part of the LGBTI family. Read some quick blurbs and watch the trailers below.


Dutch film Boys follows two teenage boys Sieger and Marc in a coming of age story where introverted Sieger escapes regularly from his home through sport. Marc is drawn closer to Sieger throughout training and the boys are forced to face their true feelings. Described as an ode to self-acceptance this is one film not to miss this year.



Drown is set to be one of the next big Aussie films. Sydney Surf Lifesaving champion Len is a local legend, one that has everything to lose when the clubs newest member Phil, who is openly gay enters the picture. His champion status challenged, and questions around his own sexuality make for the perfect storm.


Alex & Ali

This documentary follows director Malachi Leopold’s uncle Alex, a former Peace Corp volunteer who spent a decade from 1967 to 1977 in Iran, where he met and fell in love with Ali, and Iranian man. Made to leave the country during the Islamic revolution Alex has been separated from Ali for 35 years, now seeking to be reunited after all this time might cause more harm than good. Alex & Ali is being co-presented by ACON and is not to be missed!


Alex & Ali


For the full festival guide check it out on Queer Screen’s website Mardi Gras Film Festival.


Happy viewing!