New ways to take PrEP

That’s right, you heard it – there are now new ways to take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to prevent HIV, and what’s even better is that they are just as effective as daily dosing. Amazing!

PrEP can now be taken daily, on-demand or periodically, so whether you’re gay or bi (cis or trans) you have more ways than ever to protect yourself from HIV. Each option will suit guys differently based on identity, the type of sex they have, how often they hook-up, and personal preference.

Ready to PrEP? Let’s go.

Daily PrEP – take me every day

Taking PrEP daily is simple – it’s 1 pill a day that gives you lasting protection against HIV. It’s an option for everyone and can benefit a lot of people. Even better, for some people like cis guys into other guys, starting it now is as simple as taking just 2 pills (between 2 and 24 hours before sex) then 1 pill daily ongoing. Easy!

Daily PrEP is great for those who like structure and routine. You can take it every morning with breakfast, or last thing at night – it’s up to you and easy to keep track of.

Spontaneous sex life or getting lucky on the regular? Daily PrEP means protection round the clock!

Learn more about daily PrEP here.

On-demand PrEP – take me early

Similar to your on-demand streaming subscriptions like Netflix or iView, PrEP on-demand is a way to take PrEP that works to your schedule – use it when you want or need it!

With on-demand, you take less pills at specific times. It involves taking a double dose before hooking-up (between 2 to 24 hours prior) followed by two single doses over the next 2 days. Think; 2-1-1.

Currently, PrEP on-demand is only recommended for cis guys who have sex with guys. For everyone else, such as trans and gender diverse people, have a chat with your doctor.

PrEP on-demand suits guys who can anticipate hooking-up or can plan or delay it. It’s also good for anyone who wants to give PrEP a try but might be concerned about side-effects, or just doesn’t want to be taking medication on an ongoing basis. If you are having sex less than twice a week, say, a couple of times a month or year, PrEP on-demand could be for you.

Learn more about on-demand PrEP here.

Periodic PrEP – take me away

Time off or time away? Periodic PrEP is protection for when you need it.

You take it daily for a set period of time, be that the whole of a Mardi Gras season, a hot summer vacation near or far (remember international travel??) or even a month-long string of fun and parties you’ve got lined up!

Similar to PrEP on-demand, periodic PrEP might be a good choice if you are concerned about side effects or just don’t like the idea of taking medication longer-term.

Learn more about periodic PrEP here.

Discover what is right for you

Whether you’re already using PrEP, used it previously and may have stopped, or have never taken it before, more ways to take PrEP means there’s something for everyone. You can even start, stop or swap between the strategies whenever you need to, so long as it’s done right. Check out our PrEP dosing frequency tool to explore how you may like to take PrEP.

Speak with your doctor to discuss your options and what you want to get out of PrEP, and be sure to follow-up every 3 months.

You can also  call the PrEP Info Service on 1800 451 624 (Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm) or ask us a question here at Ending HIV.