Overcoming HIV – a short story

First being diagnosed feels like you have been given a life sentence. You feel isolated and alone. You are left within the whirlwind of your thoughts and emotions.

It is a mental and emotional rollercoaster of coming to terms with the new reality that you have HIV.

Though it can be seen as a life sentence, in terms of it being a lifelong medical condition, you remain free.

This is one of many chapters in your life; with much of the journey, and its conclusion, still to be written.

It is a new chapter, and a new beginning, of self-awareness, individual purpose, and happiness.

Living with this chronic condition, undoubtedly has its calm waters and turbulent storms; but it doesn’t define who you are. You have the power to chart your course; in your journey through life.

That being said, turn living with HIV from a perceived weakness, into a strength.

Recognise it for what it is, but also have the realisation, that it has brought forth positive change in your life. I know this to be true, because I too am HIV positive.

With one step forward at a time, let us enjoy this journey together.

If you are living with HIV, reside in NSW and seeking support, head over to our getting support page for services in that are available for people who are living with HIV.