PrEP and condoms: why some guys use both

These days, with more options for preventing HIV than ever before, it’s a natural progression that we are now seeing guys experiment with and adopt ‘combinations’ of safe sex strategies.

When it comes to PrEP, one of the main benefits is that you can enjoy a sense of independence from condoms. If you suddenly find yourself having a spontaneous session you won’t necessarily need to run to the closest servo to pick up a pack of condoms, but instead will be ready to go. So why do some guys who use PrEP still choose to use condoms as well?

Condoms protect against STIs

PrEP; the once a day wunderkind is extremely effective at protecting against HIV, but does not protect against a range of other STIs. So for guys on PrEP, using condoms can be a nice balance. They may use the combination with their casual partners to reduce the risk of picking up other STIs when they play away from home. Whether you are in an open relationship and have agreed on the ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ you use the combo, or just in the singles market, condoms and PrEP can work together a treat.

It’s important to note that condoms won’t protect from all types of STIs, and even if you use them every time for anal sex, when it comes to oral, let’s be real, condoms aren’t the tastiest idea.

Get yourself into a regular testing regime to catch anything that may slip through the cracks. ?

Just getting started with PrEP

PrEP might be a new part of your dating life, or you could be coming back from a break from taking it – so it’s wise to keep using condoms if you are in the 7-day waiting period. For guys, PrEP takes around a week to reach its full effectiveness, so if you are going to be getting some action in the meantime, have some condoms ready to go.

Same goes if you’ve missed a dose due to sickness, or you were out and about and forgot. Having condoms at reach is a smart idea until being fully protected by PrEP again.

They say I’m crazy, I really don’t care

Sometimes it can take time to get comfortable going condomless, and that is ok. You get to choose the type of safe sex you want, so if you are still using condoms while you are getting used to being on PrEP, as Saint Britney said; “make your own decisions, that’s your prerogative.”

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Because THEY prefer condoms!

Perhaps you are perfectly comfortable with taking PrEP, but often your partner might have a different need. Sometimes your partners will prefer to use condoms, which could be due to wanting to reduce their risk of other STIs or just a personal preference.

The fact of the matter is they are taking their own sexual health seriously and for that, they deserve a *clicks fingers* Yaaaasssss.

Whatever the reason is, you choose!

The benefit of having so many HIV prevention options at your disposal is that you get to choose. Whether its condoms, PrEP, Undetectable Viral Load (UVL) or a combination the choice is yours.