Sydney WorldPride Pre-Party Checklist

G’day G’day G’day, world! As we’re rocketing towards Sydney WorldPride 2023, excitement is building for what is set to be one of the biggest parties in the Southern Hemisphere, ever.

That’s right – it’s not long until the sunny shores of Sydney will be transformed into a mecca of queer celebration and festivity. And we can’t wait to welcome you.

You may have your party tickets purchased, travel and accommodation arranged, and outfits being organised, but before the pride season kicks off, take some time to get up to date on your sexual health so that you’re ready to go!

Whether you’re flying in from France or pottering over from Potts Point, here’s your WorldPride pre-party checklist.

Test now

We want you to have the best time Down Under. So before your travel get a full sexual health screen, including HIV and STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia, to ensure you really are ready down under.

Getting tested before festivals and pride parties is a great way to protect yourself and your partners and can reduce transmission of STIs during large events.

Living in NSW? You can find a nearby testing location here.

In another part of Oz? Head over to Emen8’s handy find a service tool.

PrEP now

If you take oral PrEP but are low on pills, get a script and stock up.

Be sure to check the expiry of your PrEP and any condoms and lube you may have, as they may also expire before you arrive.

Not on PrEP, but you’d like to be? Consider if it’s the right thing for you and talk to your doctor.

Vax now

Due for your COVID-19 booster? Make sure you are fully vaxxed and topped-up in advance.

If you are eligible and able to, get vaccinated for MPOX (monkeypox) now. Remember, you need two doses at least 28 days apart for maximum protection.

Across Australia, MPOX vaccinations are free. However, outside of NSW, some monkeypox vaccination locations may charge a fee for your appointment — so check with the service before attending.

For people in NSW, find a place to get vaccinated here.

For people in other states and territories, find a place to get vaccinated by using the tool here (make sure to use the ‘Monkeypox vaccination’ filter to give you the correct results).

Taking these steps now will help protect you and the community so that you can have the best WorldPride EVER.

So, stay safe and get ready for a fun and fabulous festival!


Editor’s note: first time in Sydney? If you’re wondering where to eat, play and stay, check out this useful guide here!