Understanding Chemsex

Huffington post recently hosted a video forum on Chemsex, which included both fascinating insights about the Chemsex scene in the UK and as well as research on Chemsex users.

Chemsex refers to the act of using multiple drugs including Crystal Meth, GHB (commonly known as G) and Mephedrone to facilitate a sexual experience with other men, often in group large groups.

The panel for the discussion included writer and journalist Alex Klineberg who has personally experienced Chemsex parties, Adam Bourne, a Lecturer in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Hannah McCall, a sexual health nurse from the UK Mortimer Market Centre.

Watch Alex talk about his personal experience during a Chemsex party below.

What really happens at a chem sex party?Here’s what really happens at a #chemsex party.

Posted by HuffPost Gay Voices on Saturday, December 5, 2015

The issues surrounding Chemsex vary greatly, from the intense pull that the cocktail of drugs can have on the personal lives of users, to what draws gay men to participate in these parties as well as what can be done from a public health perspective in helping men navigate the Chemsex scene.

You can view the full video below, and read the Huffington Post article accompanying it here.