We Can

Ending HIV transmission is possible if we test often, treat early and stay safe

We are all different – we wear different clothes, we like different pizza toppings, and we each have different styles (or some of us, none at all!). But we are strong as one.

This Mardi Gras, in the spirit of unity, we’re encouraging every guy who plays with guys, to help end HIV transmission in NSW by testing often, treating early and continuing to party and play safe.

Together, we can be part of history. We can end HIV.

We Bang

Today, we get to choose how we take care of our own health and the health of our partners. Safe sex can now mean condoms, PrEP and UVL or a mix.  Learn all about safe sex here.

We Test

Testing often for HIV and STIs is who we are and what we do. Find out how frequently you should test for HIV and STIs by using our calculator and discover your nearest testing services here.

We Treat

Starting treatment early after diagnosis means you can stay healthy and have a great quality of life while also reducing your risk of transmission to partners. Find out more about treatment and UVL (undetectable viral load).

We Talk

Stigma doesn’t just affect people living with HIV, it can also impact partners, friends, families and the broader community. By having conversations about HIV and arming ourselves with knowledge, we can help end HIV stigma. Learn more about HIV-related stigma here.