What is your HIV testing style

We’ve all done a personality test or two – it’s nice to know a little more about yourself and see your qualities recognised. So, let us pose the question – what is your HIV testing style, and what does it say about you? Maybe it doesn’t have to say anything other than that you’re looking after your sexual health, and we love that! But if you are curious, read below and discover what your personal HIV testing style might be.

The Planner

Are you surrounded by lists? Is your calendar carefully organised with social hangouts and your work schedule? And why is it colour-coded? 😉 If some of this is true for you, then you might be a planner!

Planners always have their next HIV and STI test booked and added to the calendar well in advance. They might even set reminders for themselves to follow up on their test results!

The Opportunist

Opportunists are all about finding the perfect moment to combine their everyday plans with other bits of life admin – like getting tested! The opportunist can be spotted heading into town to catch up with a friend, followed by a trip to the nearby testing clinic.

Others might instead be already headed to the GP to get a prescription filled and decide this is the perfect opportunity to get their HIV and STI checkup.

The Newbie

Newbies are fresh on the scene. Have you just started dating someone for the first time? Or maybe it was just a hook-up – if you’re having sex, it’s a good idea to get tested. It’s recommended that any sexually active gay, bi+ or other guy who has sex with guys get tested for HIV and STIs every three months.

Newbies might not have testing before, but the good news is that it’s easier than ever, and you can get tested for free!

The Veteran

Practice makes perfect, right? Veteran testers have been and done it many times before, and getting tested feels like an easy rhythm to them. Veterans have a favourite clinic or GP; they know what bus to take or where to park, and once they arrive, they can get their appointments completed and their tests collected in record time.

The Order-in

Order-in testers know that the future is online shopping. Why leave the house when you can order a free HIV self-testing kit to your door? The biggest hurdle they’ll have to overcome is sorting through their online purchases and knowing what day each parcel will arrive.

The good news is that HIV self-testing kits ordered online are discreetly packaged, so they can blend in with the rest of your online shopping.


Now and then, a former partner will graciously get in touch to let you know they’ve tested positive for an STI. That means it’s time for you to test. Call-back testers might not have planned a test at the time of the call (or text), but like any true protagonist, they rise to the occasion when needed!

While it might be hard to feel happy about a potential STI diagnosis, Call-back testers know to be grateful that their former partner is looking out for their health, especially given how hard it can feel to have this conversation in the first place.

Did you find your testing style? (Hint: the tester was inside you all along!) Whatever type of tester you are, we have all you need to know about getting tested at Ending HIV, from all the ways you can get a test for free,  where to get a test, or even what to consider when getting tested with a GP!

Happy testing!