Sexually Adventurous Men

Like fucking lots, PnP or group action? Then you could consider yourself a sexually adventurous man.

We love lots of hot, hardcore fucking because that’s what turns us on.

However, we also make up 35% of new HIV infections and that’s why we play a key role in ending HIV. We’ve got some great testing, treatment, and prevention strategies now to help us put a stop to the virus, and here’s how we can all help:


Here’s the deal; it’s important to make testing part of our routine so we can stay informed about our HIV status and treat any STIs early.

There are a lot of guys who are HIV positive but don’t know it. They might fuck without condoms thinking they’re negative or they might only fuck with other guys who also think that they are neg because they do the same thing.

Those of us who are negative should be testing for HIV and STIs at least four times a year (every three months) or more and every time we think we may have been exposed to HIV.

If you think you have been recently exposed to HIV, call the 24-hour PEP Hotline as soon as possible (1800 737 669 inside NSW).


With rapid HIV testing there’s never been a better time to start testing regularly and easily. You can find your nearest sexual health clinic across NSW here. In many cases rapid HIV testing is free, just like at a[TEST] which also offers STI screening in a confidential and welcoming environment. They’re run by fellow peers from the community so you can feel comfortable to bring up any concerns with them, regardless of how adventurous or how frequent you have sex.


Straight up, being on treatment won’t impact the hot sex we love. We don’t have to change our lifestyle or the ways we like to fuck – it just involves making informed choices and practices that make fucking safe for everyone, yourself and your mates.

If you’ve been HIV positive for some time and not on treatment yet, then consider the benefits of starting treatment. It will help you have a long and healthy life and being on treatment can reduce your viral load to an undetectable level which helps stop HIV from being passed on to your fuck buddies or partners.


It’s always good to stay informed and know the risks involved in fucking with other guys.

For us, fucking bareback is nothing unusual. So for those of us that are neg, taking PrEP is a highly effective way of ensuring we stay neg. It stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and it protects us from acquiring HIV by taking it daily (for anyone at risk of HIV) or on-demand (for cisgender men only) which requires a specific dosing schedule.

However, PrEP does not prevent other STIs, so regular STI screens are essential to identify and treat any STIs early.

When we fuck we owe it to ourselves and the guys we fuck with to know the risks involved. Whether we’re topping, bottoming, positive, negative or not sure, we need to know the risk before we take it. To help assess what risks you’re taking during sex, use the risk calculator.

Go In Deep

If you want to know more about the kinkier side of sex, check out HowHard, an online space made for and run by guys who enjoy filthier, hardcore and the more adventurous types of fucking.

Pig or not, poz or neg, we all have a part to play to ending HIV by 2020.