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Here at Ending HIV we get a lot of questions about sexual health. So, before you submit your question, check if it has already been answered. Can’t find it? Submit it below and one of our peer experts will get back to you.

Ending HIV is a sexual health campaign for gay, bisexual and other guys who have sex with guys, based in NSW, Australia. As such, we prioritise questions received in relation to these communities. If you are living overseas or in another state, there may be limits to the support we can provide. While our peers are highly knowledgeable, they can’t give specific medical advice. Whatever your concern, always seek the advice of a doctor or trained medical professional you trust.

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I regularly take prep. I have traveled out of town and forgot to pack my prep. This means I will miss one day (tomorrow) Friday. I last had receptive unprotected sex on Monday night with my regular sexual partner (who I believe to be negative). Should I try to get another tablet here somehow? Or will I be okay to skip a day? Thank you for this service.

Hi, Thanks for your question. If you were taking daily PrEP before your hook up and were also taking it every day for at least 2 days after your hook up on Monday, there may be enough medication in your body to protect you from possible HIV transmission, because this would look similar to on-demand dosage (although it is not exactly what the PrEP guidelines recommend). You can find more about On-demand and the other ways to take PrEP here: However, on-demand PrEP is only recommended for cis guys. Ending HIV is looked after by a bunch of community peers so we aren’t doctors who can provide medical advice. We highly recommend you give your doctor or PrEP prescriber a call over the phone as soon as possible to discuss your dosing strategies, sexual behaviours, risks and to provide any medical advice or support you may need. If you live in NSW and have further sexual health questions you can also call the Sexual Health Infolink at 1800 451 624 where a sexual health nurse can answer your questions over the phone.

Can I run after two weeks on pep drugs

Hi there, thanks for your question. Taking PEP should not affect your ability to live a healthy life and you should be able to exercise or go for a run without issue. If you have concerns about any medication you are on, or believe you may be experiencing side effects, we'd recommend you speak with your prescribing doctor.

I wanna get prep where should we get ?

Hi there, thanks for your question. You can get PrEP over the counter at pharmacies across Australia, or through online pharmacies such as those that can be found at 'PrEP Access Now' website: Your first step should be chatting with your doctor about starting on PrEP, they'll ask you some questions to determine your eligibility and do some tests. After this they'll give you a script which you can use to get PrEP at the pharmacy! Find out more information about getting PrEP here:

I recently had sex with sex worker ( vaginal) but while having sex I used 2 condoms at a time what are my chances of getting hiv positive

Hi there, thanks for your question. Wearing two condoms at once is not recommended as this is likely to cause friction between the two condoms and make either more likely to tear. On this occasion, if you didn't notice any breaks or tears in the condom then you should have been protected from HIV transmission. We recommended anyone who is sexually active to test for HIV and other STIs once every three months as part of an ongoing practice. You can read more about using condoms on our site here:

Hi guys. I had a same sex mutual masturbation yesterday. The other guy used his hand which he used to masturbate himself to masturbate me. I saw some precum on his penis. I'm worried if his hand got precum on it and was used masturbate me. Is there any chance that he passed HIV if the hand got precum? Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for your question. While precum is one body fluid that can carry HIV, mutual masturbation carries no risk for HIV transmission. It it still possible however to transmit STIs in this way, so we'd recommend anyone who is sexually active to test once every 3 months for HIV and STIs.

Hi there, I stated taking Prep a few days ago, but my first double dose pill was at 4:20pm. I want to change the timing, so would it be ok to change the time of the pill to the morning, so instead of taking it at 4:20pm tomorrow, I take it at say 7am, and then continue that way?

Hi thanks for your question. It sounds like you are taking PrEP on-demand, if you took 2 pills 2 days ago at 4:20 PM and have take a daily pill since then, it’s ok to switch to taking it at 7am moving forward. If this is not what’s happening please call the NSW Sexual Health Info Link on 1800 451 624 to receive advice on your circumstances from a sexual health nurse.

If I take a break from daily prep how many days do I have to wait before having sex when I start taking daily again?

Hi there, thanks for your question. Any time you decide to take a break from PrEP, it's good to keep your prescribing GP involved so they can make sure you are kept up to date with testing and provide you any additional advise on starting and stopping. There is no specific period of time you need to wait if you were to take a break, but it's good to be across how long you would need to take PrEP to be protected before having sex when restarting as this changes depending on how you identify and the type of sex you have. You can find information about starting and stopping PrEP on our PrEP page here:

I need a support group .I'm starting pep tomorrow

Hi, Thanks for your question. It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to access PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and have started your treatment. Unfortunately, there aren’t any support groups specifically for people who are taking PEP in NSW. However, there may be other ways you can access support whether it’s by talking to a peer or counsellor. We recommend visiting the Get PEP website ( or calling the PEP Hotline at 1800 737 669 (1800 PEP NOW) where a person can discuss with you over the phone. ACON also provides HIV counselling and may be able to provide any support around any anxieties you may be having. If you have further concerns, you can also consult with a health professional at the medical centre that prescribed you your PEP who can provide you support, or refer you to someone who can!

Can I be sent some condoms and lube? I live in the country and am not out... also I don't have much money but I'd rather not get sick.

Hi there. you can send us a request for a play pack to be sent to an address in NSW: , Australia with condoms and lube in it: If you live outside of this area then we would encourage you to get in touch with your state or territory's AIDS Council or equivalent organisation to see if they can send some to you.