Got notified?

You may have recently received a message from an Ending HIV SMS notification service notifying you of an exposure to an STI, prompting you to visit your sexual health doctor. This may have been the result of malicious activity to the service. We have temporarily suspended the service while we investigate further. Please be assured that Ending HIV does not collect or store this information. We sincerely apologise for any concern or distress this message may have caused.

If you have any concerns please call 02 9206 2000.

Ending HIV Team, ACON


You’ve recently received a SMS or email informing that one of your recent sexual partners has tested positive for an STI.

Even if you have no symptoms, if you have been sexually active, you should get tested as soon as possible. You can find your nearest testing location here.


This notification service allows people who have recently tested positive for an STI to anonymously contact those that they’ve hooked up with. The website sends an automatically generated message to the mobile number or email address the user enters.