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The great news about what modern treatments can do for ending the epidemic

We’re urging all gay guys to get tested and if they are diagnosed with HIV, to consider treatment as early as possible. Treatment keeps your immune system healthy and reduces the risk of developing health conditions associated with HIV. Additionally, treatment can lower the viral load (VL) of HIV in your blood to virtually undetectable levels, and research from the PARTNER study shows that the chances of HIV transmission are negligible. There have been no transmissions recorded with regular partners in this study despite approximately 50,000 acts of condomless sex.

The most common way for HIV to be transmitted between men is through anal sex without using condoms. The risk is high whether you are topping or bottoming and the higher your level of HIV or VL, the more likely HIV can be passed on.

Undetectable – The Game Changer to End HIV by 2020HIV treatments have changed – if an HIV positive person is on treatment and has an undetectable viral load, the risk of transmission is almost zero, and it improves their health.Now more than ever we know we can end HIV by 2020 if we test more, treat early and continue to stay safe. #EndingHIV #Undetectable

Posted by Ending HIV on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What needs to change in the HIV positive gay community in NSW

So far, we’ve got a majority, probably 50-60%, of gay guys with HIV on treatment in NSW. We need to bump that number up to 90% if we’re going to reach our goal of ending HIV by 2020, so we need you, your partners and your mates to get on board as individuals and as a community.

Why the most critical time is right after becoming HIV positive

Recent findings from the START study have shown that early, if not immediate, treatment increases health and life expectancy, and prevents serious illness including cancer, renal and liver disease by more than 50% compared to those who delay starting treatment. Importantly, the study results confirm that there is no harm associated with immediate treatment.

Further, in the early stages after contracting HIV your viral load is very high. That greatly increases the risk of HIV transmission. HIV is actually much more likely to be transmitted by people who don’t know they’ve got it – often very soon after they themselves have been infected.

That’s why it’s so important to test regularly and get onto treatment immediately. If you know your HIV status, you can make informed choices about your health, including HIV treatment and sexual health, and decisions about the sort of sex you’ll have.


Acon's Commitment

One of the main ways ACON is committing to ending HIV by 2020 is through sustained advocacy efforts on behalf of our community as well as feeding information about the effectiveness of the ENDING HIV initiative back to the community… Read more.

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