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What is PNP?

Some people refer to the combination of sex with drugs like crystal methamphetamine and GHB as chemsex or party and play (PNP), others call it wired fun or partying. Whatever you call it, if you are looking for a space to chat to someone who understands the scene from personal lived experience, M3THOD is for you.

Not everyone who combines drugs and sex will experience negative impacts on their everyday life. However, some of us do experience harms and want to reflect on our experiences, or perhaps even change our relationship with PNP.

M3THOD is here to empower you to use more safely, gain a sense of control over your drug use, and make informed decisions for yourself.


M3THOD is a free and confidential service led by trained and non-judgmental peers. We offer both one-on-one peer support, and group workshop to adults who PNP and identify as men who have sex with men (cis or trans), non-binary people, or trans women.


M3THOD One-on-One peer support is a great place to start if you haven’t reached out for help before, and the service is available all year round with minimal waiting time. Appointments are run by people who have a personal lived experience around using crystal meth and G for sex. Each consultation will usually go for 45-60 minutes. One of our peers will lead you through a structured chat to work out how best they can support you. Peers are friendly, knowledgeable, and everything is strictly confidential.

You can access this service in-person or virtually via a video call. It can help you :

  • Explore your relationship with PNP
  • Find out how to reduce the harms
  • Learn strategies to manage your use
  • Connect to services that offer additional support

Group Workshop

M3THOD Workshop is a 6-week group program by and for people who PNP. This includes those who want to reduce the frequency of PNP and people who wish to stop using drugs or long periods of time. This workshop is facilitated by trained peers and clinicians together and is a great opportunity to meet others with similar experiences and learn how to manage PNP.

Workshops are held 2-4 times per year, fill the form below and get in touch to find out when is the next one.

To get in touch with the M3THOD team, fill out the form below.

Usually, a team member will conduct an intake in 2 business days.

M3THOD Study

The M3THOD STUDY is a research project exploring sexualised drug use among sexuality and gender diverse people in NSW. This research will measure the effectiveness of community led services (such as M3THOD) for people who party and play.

Your peer will talk to you about this study if you make an appointment.

If you would like to participate in the M3THOD Study, you can read more and sign up at:

PNP Self-Assessment Tool

This interactive tool has been designed for people who PNP and who are looking to understand if their drug use is impacting on other areas of their life, or who are looking to make a change in relation to their use, either by reducing use, taking a break or stopping use entirely.

These resources have been inspired and guided by the work of David Stuart and 56 Dean Street Clinic in the UK.