5 good things about getting an HIV test

Getting an HIV test says more about you than you may realise.

For some, getting an HIV test might seem like a simple, routine task that you do as part of your health regime. But when you have a think about it, there are more (good) things about getting a HIV check up than you may realise.

1. You’re living in the present, not the past

We’re living in a modern age of ‘now’- fast food, real-time conversations online, everything is about getting what we want and need ASAP. Getting tested for HIV means you’re current, you’re now – you want to know the state of your health as it is today.

Rapid HIV testing is the easiest and fastest way to getting your status ‘up to speed’, with your test results in just 30 minutes.

2. Getting tested shows you care about yourself

Mum isn’t going to be around to look after you forever. We all need to know how to take care of ourselves to achieve the best in life. Your health, particularly your sexual health, is important to you and going to get a HIV test is a way of giving yourself a pat on the back.

3. Testing says you understand consequences and that all actions produce reactions

After a big night of drinking you ease the hangover by drinking plenty of water. After burning yourself cooking you cool your hand with cold, running water. Similarly, after whatever sexual ventures you engage in you know getting tested should be a natural response.

4. You’re more confident than you may think when you test

Often our faces naturally reflect how we’re feeling. We can see if someone is worried, happy, angry or scared. Confidence is one of those feelings that others can usually see, be that in their body language or presence, and getting tested will give you the confidence and assurance that you know your HIV status.

5. You’re a warrior

You’re taking a courageous stand against the virus that is affecting about 35 million people worldwide right now. It might not have crossed your mind but by getting an HIV test means you’re playing a paramount role to ending the HIV epidemic. You should feel incredibly proud of yourself every time you screen for HIV, because you know your status.

To end HIV by 2020, it’s critical we all start testing more often and with rapid HIV testing knowing your status is easier than ever. Book a test at a[TEST] now, or use our free tool to find your nearest HIV testing clinic or gp.