6 Things That Take Longer Than Your Next HIV Test

They don't call them rapid HIV tests for nothing.

Rapid HIV testing is available in a number of places across Sydney, which makes it much easier and quicker to find out your status. It’s so quick that it takes much less time than:

Browsing gossip and interior design magazines while waiting for your hair cut

Finding the perfect outfit for Mardi Gras

Flirting with a guy you may or may not want to go home with

Taking the ferry to Manly for Sunday brunch with the girls (or boys)

Shopping for that low-carb, organic, animal cruelty-free salad that will make everyone’s head turn in the office as you chow down

Watch the shade fly in a single episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Find out your status and visit a HIV testing site near you. Or book a test with ACON’s a[TEST] service today.