A beginner’s guide to douching

Would you describe yourself as douche-curious? Perhaps you’ve been douching for a while but are looking for pointers. However seasoned you are at putting things up your butt, there’s always something new to learn! So we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to anal douching with everything you need to know when you want to start squirting down below. 😉

What is anal douching?

Douching is the act of shooting a jet of warm water or a saline solution into the rectum to clean it out before sex. Douching uses several types of devices to achieve this, each referred to as a ‘douche’. We’ll cover these in more detail below.

Some people may instead use what’s known as an enema for douching. These are medical devices designed to relieve constipation and are not recommended for douching, as they often come with a medicated solution to soften stools or use a far greater volume of liquid than is required when preparing for anal sex.

Should you douche?

That’s up to you! Whether you douche or not is entirely up to the individual.

Many guys like to douche because it reassures them of no surprises when it comes to hooking up. But for those who keep a fibre-rich diet and drink plenty of water, douching should be completely unnecessary. A well-functioning gut means you will not have poo sitting in your rectum; it should only be in the area when you are ready to go to the toilet.

We know that douching can irritate your rectum’s lining, making you more susceptible to HIV and STI transmission, so it’s important that if you do douche, make sure you use plenty of lube for sex.

Types of douches

There are several types of douches out there available for purchase in adult stores or online.

Douche bulb

Douche bulbs are found in adult stores and online everywhere; they’re probably the most popular of all types of douche because they’re easy to use, and you can pack them in an overnight bag if needed. This douche features a rubber bulb that you fill with tap water, and when you squeeze, it releases water into your nozzle and then up your bum.

Shower hose attachment

A shower hose attachment is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a long hose attached to an insertable nozzle that connects to your shower outlet. You control the water flow and temperature like you do when you shower. But for this reason, it’s not recommended for beginners.

You must be especially careful when using this, as water pressure and temperature fluctuate quickly, making it easy to burn the extremely sensitive rectal tissue. Having a higher water pressure can mean you overfill past your rectum, agitating poo that you wouldn’t usually encounter during anal sex had you not douched at all.

An improvised douche bulb: a water bottle

An unexpected hook-up can sometimes lead us to need to improvise. Beyond hightailing it to the nearest sex store, you can usually get by with a water bottle with a tip or spout that doesn’t have any especially sharp ridges or edges that could hurt your anus. You’d use this like the douche bulb, slowly squeezing on the bottle to squirt water into your rectum. If you’re travelling light, you can buy soft-tip or purpose-made douche nozzles that screw onto standard water bottle rims. Whether using the water bottle’s spout or a soft tip, you’ll want to use lube to prevent friction as it goes in.

How to douche

It’s time to head to the bathroom – follow these steps to get your anal douche on:

  1. Using only lukewarm water, fill up your douche.
    (Don’t add soap or other products, as this can damage the sensitive lining of your rectum, making you more prone to HIV and other STIs.)
  2. If you’re using a shower attachment, ensure the water is already running at low pressure and a lukewarm temperature before inserting. This will help you avoid putting too much water or burning yourself.
  3. Apply lube along the tip and nozzle and gently insert it into your hole while trying to stay relaxed. You might like to use your fingers with some lube to help loosen and relax your hole before inserting it for the first time.
  4. Gently squeeze the douche bulb or leave the shower douche in your hole for about 5 seconds, letting water gradually fill up your rectum. Be especially careful to time this when using a shower attachment.
  5. Pull out the nozzle and hold the water in for several seconds. You can take a few breaths or count to a number – how long you hold it is up to you.
    If it’s your first time, or you can’t hold the liquid, you may want to do this squatting over the toilet.
  6. (Optional) While holding the water in, you might stretch or massage your stomach to help release the water.
  7. Release the liquid into the toilet or shower.
  8. Repeat until the water looks clear and there’s no smell. Try to minimise the number of repetitions.
  9. Clean your douche with soap and warm water and hop in the shower to clean off. Now you’re done!

If you experience cramps or want to be thorough, following step six by massaging your stomach or performing stretches, like lying on either side in the recovery position, may help release trapped air and water.

This type of douching may not be sufficient for guys involved in more heavy-duty arse play, like fisting. In this case, shower attachment douches may be preferable, as they deliver much more water, and the process can take twice to three times as long. If this is what you are looking for, online kink communities are often a great resource on subjects like these, and they will tell you how to do a more intense clean.

I’m douching, but the water won’t run clear

Sometimes, despite best efforts, the water just won’t run clear. This is as good an opportunity as any to set aside your douche and discuss the other types of sex you might be interested in doing with your top.

When should you douche?

If you’ve got the luxury of time, it can be a good idea to give yourself 30-60 minutes between douching and sex. This gives you enough time to release any surprise pockets of trapped water before your top goes poking around. Still, worried it’s not all out? A towel on the bed to capture any fluids never goes astray!

Douching right before sex strips away the mucosa (the natural lining of your anus), making it easier for small tears or abrasions to occur, heightening the likelihood of HIV and STI transmission. However, using generous amounts of lube will resolve this if you’re time-strapped, and you could also use a condom for extra protection from HIV and other STIs.

Be proactive with your diet

Keeping a healthy diet with fibre-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will impact the quality of your bowel movements and, with proper hydration, produce good solid poos. This ultimately means you are less likely to need to douche at all!

Some people also like to take fibre supplements to help bulk out their poo, which is fine. However, you’ll want to avoid taking any fibre supplements within 2 hours of taking PrEP pills or other medications, as it can prevent them from being fully absorbed into the body, meaning you’ll not get complete protection from your pills.

Make peace with poop

In the end, if you want to have anal sex, you’ll ultimately have to make peace with poop! It’s not a guarantee, but sometimes there will be a bit of poop on someone’s dick or the sheets. Situations like these can be fixed with a quick shower, laying a towel down before fucking and using a condom. What’s important is that we accept it as a part of the body and avoid shaming anyone. If your top can’t handle it, it sounds like anal isn’t for them.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your douching questions – now get out there and squirt safely!