Risky Business

In this life, risks are ever present. While we as a species are, for the most part, no longer fighting for survival against the elements, everyday we are constantly fighting against potential hazards and we may not even know it.

In fact right now, while you’re reading this, you’re taking several actions to prevent yourself from harm. Why are you clothed? To keep warm and to avoid social humiliation. Why are you sitting down? To avoid straining your legs and for comfort. Leading up to this very moment from the minute you woke up today, you’ve probably avoided several risks by taking preventative actions, such as:

RISK: Running late for that 8am work meeting.

Sleep In
ACTION: Set an alarm (or two, or three) before going to bed.

Alarm Clocks
RISK: Not being invited to lunch with your colleagues because of your unwelcoming aroma.

ACTION: Applying deodorant while getting ready.

Smells Nice
RISK: Being hit by a car while crossing the road to grab a coffee from that cute barista, Jake, and ending up in hospital.

Busy hospital corridor
ACTION: Looking left and right before crossing the road to the coffee shop, even if it is just to see Jake’s beautiful smile.

Smiling Cutie
RISK: Being a little overzealous drinking at your friend’s birthday gig and getting a killer hangover the following day.

Holds forehead
ACTION: Having something in your stomach and knowing when to step away from the bottle of wine.


Ok, I think you are getting the idea now. There are lots of risks we all navigate around in our everyday lives, but perhaps a key one is being left off your list:

RISK: Not knowing your HIV status.
ACTION: Get an HIV test and put your mind at ease.

When it comes to looking after your sexual health and whoever you play with, it all starts with getting tested. Just as there are plenty hazards you’re avoiding without even knowing it, you may also believe you’re not at risk of HIV – but how can you be sure? The only way to know is to test often and you can book a free, rapid HIV test online at any of our a[TEST] locations, or find a clinic to get a test near you.

So reduce the number of ever-present risks in your day and get tested. That’s one less risk to worry about!