PrEP: Take Me to prevent HIV

Get PrEP at Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic. Appointments are free and confidential.

PrEP is HIV prevention medication. When used correctly, PrEP is highly effective at protecting people from getting HIV. PrEP is for everyone who needs it and is a great option particularly for gay and bisexual men (cisgender and transgender).

Now, there are different ways to take PrEP – daily, on-demand and periodic. Learn more about how you can take PrEP HERE.

Across NSW, anyone can get PrEP. In South West Sydney, you can get PrEP from Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic. Doctors and GPs can also prescribe PrEP.

Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic is FREE and confidential. No Medicare card or referral is needed. People of all cultures, sexualities and genders are welcome, with interpreters available upon request. The clinic also offers telephone consultations.

In addition to PrEP, Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic provides testing and treatment for HIV and sexually transmissible infections (STIs), hepatitis C treatment and hepatitis B vaccination.

Information about Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic is available in Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Khmer, Thai and Chinese HERE.

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