NSA Fun…Now?

Regular Testing For Guys Who Have Lots Of Gay Sex

…More hook-ups? More tests. HIV notifications for young guys in NSW are on the rise. In order to end HIV, it’s important that every gay man knows his status and gets tested regularly.


The Young Gay Men’s Project at ACON has been working closely with our community to build awareness about sexual health and HIV with 18-26 year old gay and other same-sex attracted men for 25 years.


Through this video about the dynamic sex lives of three young men living in Sydney, we encourage you to start a regular testing pattern if you haven’t already done so and to maintain regular testing patterns if you’re having lots of sex.


Some of the testing experiences may have at your local sexual health service are shown through the characters’ stories, plus recommendations for how often you should test.


You can find the nearest Gay-friendly GPs and Gay-friendly clinics here,  including ACON’s [a]test service, and remember: now you can get a rapid HIV test – it’s free, easy, gay-friendly and quick: you get your results in approximately 30 minutes.


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