Santa baby: what are you wearing this Christmas?

The Christmas season is upon us! What will you be wearing?

Another Christmas, another chance to up your outrageous Christmas costume game for all the parties and events that could be happening very soon! Take a look at some silly season inspiration and get to work on your outfit.

The Candy Cane

This timeless classic might appeal to you or your partner’s sweet tooth.

Candy Cane G String

Just socks!

No need for those baggy extras, do away with the linen and get down to business; business socks. Or sports socks, those are kinda sexy…

Mostly naked man wearing socks and holding a Christmas stocking over crotch region

Work in some tinsel

For best results, get the whole gay family involved in the decorating process!

Sexy man adorned with tinsel

Their present is your presence. But also bring gifts!

If you are worried your gifts are going to underwhelm, try wearing no shirt when you present them.


A scarf may just be the perfect thing to hang on to 😛

Shirtless man wears red scarf and santa hat

Don’t forget the beard

Leaving those whiskers unkempt could be the downfall of the whole outfit. Give your beard the glitz it deserves.

Work in props

Don’t let your clothing limit you, work in props from the home environment.

Sexy man in scantly clad santa outfit grinds santa statue.

And finally, CONDOMS!

That’s right, no matter the costume, no matter the candy cane; no Christmas outfit is complete without the classic condom. Bring it along to any Christmas event, as you never know when you are going to get lucky! Have a safe, sexy and fun Christmas everyone! Order your free condoms now

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Christmas Wrapped Condoms