The End Of AIDS?

A powerful new series documents how nations and communities
around the world are working towards ending HIV.

As the International AIDS Conference in Durban brings together the globe’s foremost authorities on combatting HIV/AIDS, award-winning American program PBS NewsHour have produced a fascinating series on treatment and prevention with a truly hopeful title.

Screening in six parts, The End of AIDS? features stories from around the world on how nations, communities and individuals are working towards the objective of a world without HIV. The first episode details the efforts of health specialists in San Francisco, who are proactively utilising PrEP therapies to assist both HIV-negative people and those newly diagnosed.

The SF program forms part of the United Nations 90-90-90 initiative, which aims that by the end of this decade;

• 90 per cent of people living with HIV will be diagnosed
• 90 per cent of diagnosed people will be on antiretroviral treatment
• 90 percent of people in treatment will have a fully suppressed viral load.

Massively affected during the darkest days of the epidemic, San Francisco’s community has strongly and proactively approached the task at hand, though there are still many challenges along the way.